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"Never give up on your life even its so painful because Allah knows you can pass through!"

" If you never thank Allah after every Smile, Then you have no right to blame Allah for every Tears "

Short Profile:
 Name : Siti Aisyah 
 Nickname : Aisyah/ Syah/ Ecah/ Cah/ Ais/ Nana/ Aiera . 
 Status : Pelajar 
 Age : Currently 18 on 2014 
 D.O.B : 18 may 1997
 P.O.B : Hospital Besar Kemaman, Terengganu
 Stay : Jeli, Kelantan, Malay
 Hobby : Reading, Watching & Drawing anime 
 Otaku since : umur 6 tahun . Muda ark. haha 
 School : SMU(A) Nahdatul Ulum / ex-student Maahad Pengajian Islam
 Speciality : Rabun Silau tahap 360 darjah terbalik xD

" Dunia ibarat Penjara bagi orang Mukmin, Dan Syurga bagi orang Kafir " 
I'm an ordinary girl without anything special except my aura. I've always been in going-home-sleep club. Since I was already 17 with expectation to get straight A's in SPM even super lazy nerd on study. An Otaku and intovert girl, but sometimes can be really noisy. I like anime since kindergarten , I do read manga and novels too. I didnt really into kpop but I still listen to their songs, I like CNBlue and Exo also songs that can give me serenity scene I mostly love to hear anime song, jpop, kpop,english and nasyid. I do play games , whatever games it is if it enthralling me I will play it. I like challenging things that give us many experiences, well I love outdoor sports and camping. I love science, math, english and japanese, I love to discover and solve the mysteries. I do like photographer and awesome picture mostly anime picture. I like to write about something I like to and kindly using Malay, but sometimes maybe you will find crazy words of English and japanese in my entries ,ignore it. Sometimes I use uppercase and lowercase in one sentence without regret it to make it more interesting and troublesome for who read it. Yet Im sorrybut Im not .Well, you might find my belit-belit ayat in my entry, I suggest you to ignore it because it can make your brain nonfunctional instantly blank, so please love yourself and beware.

Short-term Bio :
Since kindergarten , I really love to draw. Sometimes I kill the time with studies when I really doesnt have nothing to do. I like black, white, turqoise, cyan and all soft colors. I really like horror, funny, romco, com and fantasy movie. Sometimes I can be a little girl hoping for a fairytale story. Well , I like to laugh as loud as I can, I didnt really care about people. self-centered? Nope. I just hate to take care about others since mine is also not enough.

Dislike-things Bio :
Beware, I dislikes anime haters. You can talk about anime or anything related to anime, but never critic anime or you might get killed kidding. I also disliked history, well im not really a person that look back at the past.
Everyone hate slow internet connection, error notification and popup advertisements because it really test our Iman and forbeadance. Since Im also hot-tempered, this thing really got on my nerves.

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