Friday, July 15, 2011

Love is like the rain

Rain falls down I silently sit, 
thinking and watching cloud 
tears drip past my eyes 
Love is like the rain. 

The fluffy are crying 
and so am I the love lost feeling 
as though a hole is in my chest 
Love is a lot like the rain.

True love, real love, 
a gift to not be wasted 
And only given to those lucky enough 
to find it for themselves 

Outgoing and kind wholehearted and confident sincerity 
drips from the fingertips of the lost 
The lost find love because love is lost 
and searching for it isn't a cost if the life 
you live is blessed with love 

No one knows where it is found 
the perfect conditions for love are yet to be traced 
the absolute definition still undefined 
but the feeling still connected throughout the world 

A giant, continuous web of never ending 
ever-bending thoughts and hearts and souls 

Tangling and tying jumping and diving swirling and twirling 
through the hearts and minds of the young, the old, 
and the in-between Breath is lost 

Hearts are sold and stolen Minds are locked in cages 
and also released to the wind 

But will anyone be able to think it?
In a lot of ways, love is like the rain. 

You can see it in eyes 
and feel it in your heart 
and on your skin 
You can sense it in the wind 
But, can you think it?

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