Monday, May 19, 2014

Liebster Award #2

\\Assalamualaikum// n hye... ni kali kedua ais kena liebster award. haha

kena tag oleh Izzah  . :) thanks. 
Rules : Official Rules Liebster Award
● Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog 
● Answer the question asked
● Nominated 11 other blogger with a smaller following but with a lots of potential
● Create 11 of your own question for then to answer
● Notify your nominate 

1. Where are you study?
 - Well , my current school SMU(A) Nahdatul Ulum Jeli . Kelantan.

2. What do you think special about yourself?
- Hmm, i don't know, but i might tell that I proud with my painting. lol XD. nothing to say really.

3. Why you start blogging?
- When Im 13 years old, I like to surf internet until I drown. XD. Then I found a blogger, I didnt remember who. -,- Sorry. So, to release my boring I try make one. :D. But, now and from now on my aim why I still blogging was to share my story. :) thats all... XD

4. What country that you really want to travel and why?
- I'm an otaku, but an half otaku maybe. So, I choose japan, bcause I like their culture and how they life. :D.

5. What favourite movie you like to watch?
- Action, horror, funny, fantasy, adventure, mystery, thriller

6. What your personal vision in your life?
- Always happy. lol.

7. Who the best role model in your life?
- Nabi Muhammad S.A.W . :D

8. What your hobby?
- Waste my time. xD

9. What things that you really hate?
- Liar,

10. Who are your favourite blogger?
- Can't say it :P

11. What do you think about my blog and give me same tips to improve it^^?
- The truth is I didnt like your font . sorry, :c . tips? hmm, don't add so many widget, It can make your blog heavy . thats all. thank you. ^^

Selesai dah jawab soalan2 yang telah diajukan ini. hahah. So, rules tetap rule kan.. Jadi ais akan tag random je sape2 yang terkena tu kena lah ye. hehe..

Ni skema soalan yang Ais bagi kat korang. haha.

1. Do you like your school / work / home ? . Why ?
2. Do you think your life burden you a lot?
3. How much time you use to do your hobby? XD
4. Shame of something?
5. What your favourite songs?
6. Its already 12p.m, and yet you still wake, then suddenly you heard a weird noise and never heard before, how do you act?
7. What do you do when you feel someone stalk you?
8. What do you feel when your beloved things gone or be stolen?
9. Some things can be settle alone, but somes not? It is right? Why?
10. Do you always doing crazy things?
11. I like to laugh, do you? lol xD

senarai2 mangsa . :3. ambik kat cbox je. hahah.


  1. checked :) hehe thanks sudi luangkan masa jawab soalan2 kite :) thanks atas tips pasal blog jugak ye..hehe ^^

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  2. thanks sebab tag :-) answered